A smart city knows how to use the tools offered by information and communications technology in order to increase local prosperity and competitiveness.
This approach implies integrated urban advancement based on multi-actors, multi-sectors and multi-level perspectives.
Our target is to make cities more technological in order to improve the citizens experience and cities livability.
Current projects, including those at the development stage, are experimentations aimed for building cities that are able to solve some major issues regarding everyday life through technology and innovation.



Complete parking areas decentralized managment system based on ZigBee and iBeacon technologies. A mobile app provides real-time access to every free parking area. Custom electronic pass cards are assignable to any kind of special users (disabled, pregnant, RTZ, etc.) for a total administrative control.


Smart City Device

Masvis is specialized in real-time electronic systems and software design and engineering. We have a wide range of highly verified products in this application area.
Masvis can offer various custom services ranging form feasibility studies to specific hardware solution engineering, software development, systems and single units integration and validation. The ability to evaluate risk, safety and cost analysis throughout the products’life cycle is a matter of primary importance to us.

Electronic Systems




Masvis makes cutting-edge technologies available for industry. Our products cover multiple application areas and all of them focus on work improvement. Augmented reality would notably improve the quality of work and optimize workers relative intervention time.

Imagine workers displaying installation, use or repair procedures for industrial machinery simply wearing AR visors.

Workers will be able to display machinery related statistics using a tablet or visor simply framing the machine of interest.


Increase the productivity of your factory with augmented reality.


Augmented Reality

WHAT IS IT? Augmented reality is a technology that allows to modify reality by adding virtual contents so that final result looks more attractive for those who look at it. In the augmented reality contest, people can experiment a version of reality enriched with additional information and contents. To be more specific, we could assert that it is where real …

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